Photon Custom Properties

Photon Custom Properties

  • Custom properties are actually the best way to synchronizes information and states within all the player instances.
  • Custom properties are automatically synchronized between player (at least < 0.5s (could be faster))
  • Custom properties exist on each player and on the “room”. So the room and each player can contain those variables.
  • Be careful to use very unique key name on player and room to be sure you don’t interfere with Somnium SDK.

Stream Recording (2022-05-08)

Premade Projects

Unity Package Option 1: “Simple Custom Properties”

I made tow nodes to Set and Get a custom property. Be careful, you can’t set or get “custom properties” to fast. Try to avoid getting or setting properties faster than twice a second.

Unity Package Option 2: “Advanced Custom Properties”

  • This is an other little project I made for you (A gift from my IncrediWorlds project), with this project, you can set and get custom properties without worrying about overloading the network.
  • A global script will do the synchronization while the “Set” and “Get” nodes only affect local variables.
  • (Warning) Please do not install with the other project, the 2 packages will interfere. The tow project are not complementary.
  • This system is made of 3 script:
    • A “controller” (a script that need to exist once in the world)
    • A GetCustomProjetries script
    • A SetCustomProjetries script
  • The test scene will be located at “Assets/#Local/#Packages/Denevraut Modules”

Basic Tutorial

Setting custom properties

  • To add or edit one or more custom properties, you need to create a dictionary/hash-table. (even if it already exist).
  • In this example, we are setting the property “DoorOneState” with a boolean value. The value can have any type (string, bool, int, float etc).

Nodes to add in “Unit Options Wizard

Unit Options Wizard: Assembly Options

Unit Options Wizard: Type Options
Hashtable * (from ExitGames.Client.Photon)

Setting a network variable script

Not just for the first time, updating the variable need the same script

Getting network variable

  • Reading a property is a little more complex since you need to be sure it exist and it have the right type.
  • In this example, we are reading we are first checking if the property “DoorOneState” exist from the list, then we check if the type is correct.

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