Somnium Space Guide

Welcome to Somnium Space Guide !

Welcome to the Somnium Space Guide!

Targeting both complete beginners and advanced users alike, you can find a lot of information, tutorials and useful links here!

This guide’s purpose is to centralize all the information about the Somnium Space metaverse. It is an independent platform made without any desire of making money. All our motivation comes from our passion for the community.

Who are we ?

We are Somnium Space community members that put our passion in this contribution for our people! We want to centralize all information, links, tutorials and members in one place!

What is Somnium Space ?

Somnium Space VR is a persistent 3D world where you can find 5000 land parcels, each owned by individual users. In addition to the “main world”, you can find many different parallel worlds which are also owned by users. 

Each land parcel and world is defined on the Ethereum  blockchain in addition to a lot of other content (Avatars, artwork, cars, kayaks, clothes and much more). 

With your own parcel, you can build anything to your imagination’s desire: an art structure, a business meeting office, an art gallery, an event hall, a place to socialize or a virtual portfolio for your work and more.

This universe is actually accessible from 3 platforms: VR, PC and Web, which is usable on mobile as well! With most of the focus on the VR experience, Somnium Space is an alternate reality to connect with your customers, your friends and/or even your fans!

With a very rich community all over the Earth, Somnium Space is growing  and proposes more and more activities and opportunities each and every day.

There is no target audience for this metaverse- everyone is welcome and anyone can participate in the future of this social platform!

Somnium Space Market

Somnium Space’s official market is based on OpenSea.

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