How To Create

How to create in Somnium Space

There is many ways to Create in Somnium Space, from beginner to advanced creator.


  • Ownership is not a prerequisite for creation.
  • Craft stunning avatars with features like animations, dynamic bones, and custom shaders.
  • Utilize the game editor “Unity 3D” for avatar creation.

PC/VR Parcel:

  • To embark on this creative journey, owning a “Parcel” is essential.
  • Showcase 3D assets, videos, images, and even 360-degree photographs.
  • For browsing, a 3D web-browser is at your disposal, delivering most standard browser capabilities.
  • Two creation tools are available: the built-in builder for simplicity and “Unity 3D” for more advanced creations.

Web Parcel:

  • Parcel ownership is again mandatory.
  • A Web Parcel is derived from your PC/VR parcel, and the majority of your content will be mirrored.
  • Note: Unity 3D assets aren’t compatible with the web. However, importing GLTF assets is feasible.

Web World (beta):

  • Only a “Parcel” is required (PC/VR World ownership isn’t necessary).
  • This platform enables dynamic content creation optimized for web browsers.
  • “Play Canvas” is the game editor of choice for Web World.

PC/VR World:

  • Ownership of both a “Parcel” and a “PC/VR World” is necessary.
  • Envision these worlds as fully customizable games, minus concerns over avatars, interactions, UI, and multiplayer features.
  • Stick to the approved Unity add-ons.
  • Dive into dynamic content creation in a high-performance setting, ranging from videos, 3D assets, animations, to games.
  • Again, “Unity 3D” is your singular creation tool for this venture.

Unity 3D

Unity is a free game editor (free for our usage) where you can create games or just 3D assets. This tool is often used as an editor to export assets, like what we do.

  • To create with Unity you will need to follow few steps: