An SDK item has a few hard limitations that you cannot exceed like number of polygons, materials, and mesh count.

Each item complexity is represented by a number of credits (complexity level).

Each parcel size have a maximum amount of credit that you cant use to put items (small is 150, medium is 400*, XL is 850*).

Components Limits

As avatars, there is no problem of having a few “Exceptions” on an item. But you cant have any “Errors”. The credit cost for each component is in the list bellow.

Material complexity credit cost

Depending of the render queue and texture size of a material, the credit cost will be higher.

Render queue

  • In 3D games, everything is not rendered at the same time. In fact the game is separated by “layers” placed in a queue called “Render Queue”.
  • For example, almost every opaque mesh is rendered at the same time.
  • Then there are few layers of transparency, (skybox, windows, trees etc.).
  • Since transparency in Unity is incredibly simplified, in one layer everything is rendered in front of the other in a very messy way (far objects can be in front of close objects).
  • To correct this problem, you can use higher or lower rendering layer/queue.

Classic opaque material

Classic transparent material