Getting started


    Official Website

    The official website is the place to start your experience! You can find services and useful links there:

    • Account creation and crypto wallet link
    • Main world map
    • Trusted link to Uniswap Cube exchange
    • Trusted link to OpenSea Somnium Space market
    • Event calendar and events creation

    Somnium Web

    Somnium Web is the simplified version of the Somnium Space metaverse. With this web 3D app, you can access and explore any parcel on any PC or mobile device.
    The default link to Somnium Web is:

    To access a specific parcel, the number must be added to the end of the URL like this:

    Also, there’s many different utilities for any parcel that you may visit:

    • Meet other people and have audio or video chat by enabling the microphone and webcam in a Web parcel.
    • You can use the parcel’s public chat to communicate with others in Somnium Space.
    • Owner can display 1, 2, or 3 GLB files on his parcel. (depending the size)
    • The parcel will be similar in the Web client as it is in the PCVR client.


    In Somnium Space you can buy a parcel on the etherium blockchain. 

    • The main platform used by most buyers and sellers is Opensea.
    • Size, Location and Features dictate the price of a Parcel
    • You can build on a parcel with the PC Builder (on the PC launcher).
    • At the moment, you can use several basic blocks for building a parcel.
    • You can place images, videos, GIFs, minted Avatars, and 2D NFTs on a Parcel. 
    • Anyone can come visit a parcel

    All parcel can be found on the market with this link: OpenSea All Parcels

    Cube Token

    Cube is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

    • Cube can be used on OpenSea to buy NFT tokens.
    • In the future, Cubes will be used as in-game currency to buy items and services.
    • To buy Cube, it is strongly recommended to use the Uniswap link on OpenSea.
    • There are sometimes scams on fake Uniswap websites (or other scams), so please use the link on the website.
    • $CUBE is available on multiple coin exchanges including Uniswap, Gemini, CoinEx and Bitget.


    Discord is the main social network for Somnium Space.


    You can use a custom avatar in Somnium Space (PCVR version only)

    • Official Somnium Space avatars can be bought on the OpenSea website: OpenSea All Avatars.
    • All avatars put on the blockchain have been created by independent artists and have been approved by the Somnium Space team.
    • Non-official NFT avatars are not supported.
    • Custom avatars can be uploaded with the Unity SDK (Mixamo, custom, etc).
    • Explicit content is prohibited in public.

    PC Client

    The PC client provides all you need to play and build in Somnium Space.

    •  The “2D” mode is the non-VR version of the game, where you can do most of the things VR players do.
    • The “VR” mode requires a VR headset and a powerful PC – this is the official and recommended mode to play.
    • The “PC Client” mode is used to build an owned/rented parcel or for minting avatars on the blockchain (you need to be approved before minting an avatar).
    • If you leave the main Launcher page, (settings or avatar selector) you can press the white Somnium Space logo to return.

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