As part of our continuous effort to refine and enhance your virtual experience, we’re delighted to announce significant upgrades to the Somnium Space Launcher as part of the V3.0 update.

Central to this update is the new Worlds menu. It gives you a comprehensive overview of active world sessions and base reality sessions, making it easier than ever to hop into ongoing interactions.

A significant leap has been made in social capabilities, integrating advanced features that allow you to chat, friend, and stay connected to your VR friends directly from the Launcher. These features make it seamless for you to maintain your social connections within the platform.

We’ve reworked the Map and My Profile page, each offering a more user-friendly and immersive experience. The updated Map provides clearer navigation, while the revamped My Profile page gives you more customization control, letting you tailor your profile to your individual preference.

To further enhance transparency and financial management, we’ve added a Wallet Menu. This provides a clear overview of all in-game transactions, connected wallets, and more, giving you a clear snapshot of your trading activities within Somnium Space.

Additionally, the new Avatars window offers an immersive preview of your Avatars before you enter a VR session, helping you make the perfect choice for your VR adventures.

In an effort to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments, we’ve re-worked a News section which now combines automatic updates from Twitter, Medium, and sources. This ensures you won’t miss any exciting news or updates from Somnium Space.