Welcome to IncrediWorlds !

  • A World Operating System
    • Where you will be able to use our system in your world (in development).
  • Rent Spaces
    • In the first stage of the project, you will be able to rent “spaces” in the official “World” (similar to parcel in Somnium Space).
  • Upload your asset with IWO SDK
    • Anytime you can update your spaces and change the assets with instant effect.
  • Host events, present your project, have an art gallery, make a game :
    • You can do whatever you want (inside reasonable limits) on your spaces. This is made to provide you all the creative tools you need.
  • 1 meter to 1km square for your creations
    • Rent space depending on your need and budget.
  • Use our IncrediFeatures
    • Use our features like grabbable items, audio zone, moving platform, elevator, animations, teleportation, and more !
  • Rent close to your friends
    • You can move your space anytime and join a community !
  • None invasive advertisement
    • Advertisement will be allowed with the less invasive way we can think of. We don’t want you to feel like a product so we will allow limited advertisement (also no data collected).
  • Become whitelisted and do your own scripts
    • This will be the temporary way of allowing scripting, we want security to be a main concern.
  • Commission for custom features
    • You are not a coder ? You don’t want to learn unity ? You have a special project ? You can hire our team !

IWO SDK Alpha 0 Tutorial

Download link: IWO SDK

IWO SDK Tutorial