General Guide

Useful tutorials about living in Somnium Space


Introduction to VR Client

On starting the VR client, you’ll be met with a loading screen which will soon take you to the Town Square where everyone begins their adventure in Somnium Space! From Town Square there are three main exits which will take you along the road to visit all the different Parcels which feature all sorts of different type of architecture, from dance clubs, to games and more.

Parcels are NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain which, in Somnium Space, acts as your own plot of land to build whatever you desire using the Builder SDK. In this world, there are 5000 plots total. Parcels can exist in Small, Medium and Large parcels. Water-front parcels, also exist in the same format but have more size.

Teleporters are NFTs in Somnium Space which exist as fast travel between different parts of the map. Teleporters can be purchased by players and placed on your Parcel.

Worlds are completely separate instances which take you to a completely different map unique from Main World that can be whatever you’d like. Worlds are purchased by players and then placed on Parcels they own and can be nearly limitless in freedom as to what you would like to create. A game in a game – Metagaming.

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