Inside the Somnium Space PC Client, you’ll find all of your main functions inside the Tablet that all players can access. As development continues, more features and upgrades will change how the tablet looks and acts, and increase its functionality, so stay tuned!


Below are pictures and brief descriptions of each of the screens in the tablet and what they can do.


  • The Browser enables you to use a simple web browser for whatever you might need without the need to take off your VR headset.


  • Players are indicated on the Map as blue dots.
  • Teleporters are indicated by a Teleporter icon.
  • Parcels are shown as green squares or rectangles.
  • The arrow keys at the bottom left allow you to look around the map, and the slide bar will let you zoom in and out.
  • The number pad on the top left will allow you to search for specific parcels by their # and will be highlighted on the map as a blue circle.
  • The “Go to main plaza” button will take you to the Town Square, and has a cooldown of 5 minutes.


  • The camera can be used to take pictures within game and images will be saved in C:/Users/XXXX/Pictures/SomniumSpace/Tablet Camera
  • The first toggle will display the camera view on your main monitor while your VR headset view will be uninterrupted
  • The second toggle will lock the camera viewpoint in place to allow for the third toggle
  • The third toggle allows the camera to use its AI to follow the player while in use.
  • Delay can be set at the bottom right as a timer to insert yourself into pictures or have enough time to strike a pose.
  • The Camera+Arrows at the top left changes it from front view to rear view.
  • The Gear/Cog settings on the top right allow you choose between different camera filters and other settings.
  • Camera Sensor allows you to change through different resolutions and filters.
  • Camera Stabilization adjusts the amount of shake that the camera will catch when handling the camera manually.
  • Live streaming allows the camera to function with third party streaming software such as OBS studio to allow for streaming capabilities to any of your favourite websites.
  • Camera Stabilization will remove any shake that might happen when handling the camera manually and can be fine tuned to account for different amounts of shaking(for high speed bumpy rides that need steady image recording).
  • The FOV(Field of View) slider adjusts the angle at which the lens captures the image, allowing for more or less in the frame.
  • Resolution will adjust the detail and size of the image being saved.
  • Filters allow for special effects to enhance images like Sepia, grayscale and more.
  • The rule of thirds grid allows for photographers to feel more comfortable taking precise photos to get that perfect looking shot they’re used to looking for in DSLR cameras.


  • The avatar screen allows you to switch between default avatars or custom avatars you might have saved. You can also select avatars from the Blockchain in their corresponding tab.
  • Filters make for allowing users with many avatars to search through and find their favourites with tags like Male, Female, Other, and Artist.


  • Most settings are simple and easy to understand without much explanation.
  • Locomotion type will dictate the direction you move based on either your hands direction or your heads direction.
  • Direction on teleport maintains your current standing direction after using a teleport with your controllers.
  • Scale will apply the height accordingly and adjust your avatar to compensate.
  • Other player’s panels will disable other players nameplates/nametags.