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What are Somnium Worlds ?

  • Somnium Space Worlds are empty universe you can fill with your creation.
  • With Unity you can develop your own game (or social platform) without having to thinking about most of the stuff about controls, avatar system server and networking.
  • Basically if i would enter in a world with only a floor and nothing else configured, i could move around, take picture, take to other player etc.
  • You can concentrate 100% of your time on the actual content and functions.


  • The Wolrd development environment is limited for security reasons.
  • Mostly, everything regarding the scripting is limited to “Unity Bolt language”. You can only use the same assets that Somnium Space is using. (excepting assets that do not contain scripts executed in game)

Usable Assets from Unity Asset Store

To use an asset that Somnium Space allow (because it is actually using it) you need to get it from the Unity Asset Store. (So if it cost money you need to buy it).

There is a list of the known usable assets:

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