Unity SDK installation

Somnium Space SDK provides the ability to upload Avatar, Builder Item and World from Unity

Configure Somnium Space Unity SDK

The steps to install and configure Somnium Space Unity SDK.
* BUG: This tutorial use a pre-made Unity project since you cant create a Unity-2019.2.XX project with unity hub 3.0 + (you could use an older unity HUB version to, but it’s hard to find)

  1. Create a Unity account
  2. Install Unity HUB
  3. Install unity 2019.2.21 from the link
  4. Activate licence with Unity HUB
    • In Unity Hub: User / Manage License / Activate License
  5. In the desired project folder, extract the Somnium Space Template Unity Project.
  6. With Unity HUB, use OPEN and look for the project folder you just extracted.
  7. Open the project.
  8. Never Update Unity, keep version 2019.2.21
  9. Somnium SDK may need an update before been usable.
  10. DEBUG: In case of need, there is the Somnium Space SDK link
    Somnium Space Unity SDK Link

Install Unity and SDK tutorial (Outdated)

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